My Love of the Year 2000 Georges Réveillac

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The questions

Here are exposed the approached topics of my book.

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P. 10

- The will for existence: origin and guide of life, origin and guide of man.

P. 11

- Evolution: a new theory.

P. 12

- Emergence of the life. Paradoxe of the emergence: how to solve it?

P. 14

- How the evolution has produced the human intelligence. Human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

P. 15


P. 19

- Are ants altruistic?

P. 20

- Has nature invented beauty?

P. 20

- Does nature have a consciousness? What is the consciousness of the animals like? What is Human consciousness like? What is man's very own?

P. 28

- What lessons does nature give us?

P. 32

- Does nature need man? What is the purpose of nature's beauties? A nature's invention models for us?

P. 41

- How do you help nature? How do you delay aging? How do you keep in good shape and in good health?

P. 48

- How do you preserve the heriatge of the humanity?

P. 51

- The young and the feeling of eternity. What is beauty for? Why does natural adaptation appear to obey the principle of an end?

P. 52

- Artistic and beauty creation : how to find the inspiration?

P. 60

- In what conditions can man take his wishes for realities?

P. 63

- Part of the technique in the art of making love.

P. 66

- Why do women know how to distinguish the men of merit?

P. 67

- Spoiling a child is causing his unhappiness. Why?

P. 71

- What is stress? How can stress release the existential reactions? How is stress indispensable to existence?

P. 72

- To obtain a better response possible to stress, what qualities must man develop?

P. 73

- How does the requirement of happiness transform life into hell?

P. 83

- What is an ideology?

P. 88

- Why does ideology rest on the explanation of the universe?

P. 89

- What has caused the fall of communism in the Soviet bloc?

P. 95

- What are the conditions of a great love?

P. 95

- How to find love of its life?

P. 98

- Why is the pleasure of love inscribed in our heredity?

P. 109

- Is the anger in a character hereditary?

P. 113

- Difference between love and sexuality.

P. 123

- What happens when a desire is so strong that it becomes a high expectation? What are the risks of spoiling the children?

P. 126

- How to obtain the good dose of self-confidence which allows you to act in the best of ways?

P. 133

- Why is the orgasm of love a product of the natural selection?

P. 134

- Why is the deceived lover the last one to perceive it?

P. 136

- The origin of a great deal of consuming passions or vices: the game, avarice, jealousy.

P. 137

- How far is the Buddhists' control of desire healthy?

P. 140

- What exceptional resources do we have to face the immediate dangers?

P. 143

- What is the field of active existence?

P. 149

- In which way is knowledge a liberator? In which way is ignorance a prison?

P. 151

- How the theory of the struggle for existence is still nothing but a hypothesis.

P. 152

- What is the negative stress? What is the positive stress? What is anxiety?

P. 156

- How can selfishness kill love?

P. 158

- What are the differences between screwing up and making love?

P. 160

- How love requires a minimum of altruism.

P. 162

- Why has the natural selection given to man selfishness and altruism?

P. 167

- What is the purpose of dreams? Do we have a guardian angel?

P. 169

- How an isolated village is a closed field of existence, an existential prison.

P. 172

- In what is the isolated village alienating itself? In what is the city a liberator? In what does the closed village favour the sclerosis and the city the progress?

P. 182

- What is humour? What is the purpose of humour?

P. 186

- What does a game serve for?

P. 191

- How the subconscious which sometimes governs us is not always bad.

P. 193

- How can existence transcend death?

P. 196

- Which must be the role of truth in art?

P. 200

- Why is it necessary that the student surpasses the teacher?

P. 201

- How to become immortal?

P. 205

- How does the field of existence cover all the past and all the future.

P. 216

- Which are the specifities of the feminine sexuality?

P. 218

- Why do women have the key to paradise?

P. 221

- Can we infringe a natural law?

P. 222

- Difference between the biological acquisitions and the cultural acquisitions

P. 223

- Which are the five gifts of the woman?

P. 228

- What cultural acquisitions of the child favour his studies?

P. 230

- Why is the foreigner attached to his cultural origins?

P. 235

- Which are the two means of improving his social level? The good? And the bad?

P. 241

- From where does the tendency to take our desires for reality come? How do you fight it back?

P. 243

- How three false ideas on sexuality cause havoc. They have a historic origin.

P. 246

- How to look for their origin to get rid of the embarrassing beliefs.

P. 248

- How do revolutionaries and their heirs struggle so long before applying the new principles integrally.

P. 254

- Why does the natural selection make of us beings of faith?

P. 260

- Which is the basis of human existence in Burkina Faso?

P. 261

- What is animism? How did animism, polytheism, monotheism, and atheism link themselves.

P. 266

- How is the loving orgasm the firework of two successful existences?

P. 268

- The pleasures revealed by expe rience and the pleasures still to be discovered.

P. 274

- How can the cultures understand each other without destroying each other?

P. 279

- How is the evolution of the material framework of human existence done: of the clan towards the world-state. Why is it that the Burkinabés don't even have the sense of state?

P. 281

- Must one renounce to the hope of a paradise on earth?

P. 287

- For a mondial economy is a state-world necessary?

P. 290

- Globalisation with the service of the man. World economy with the service of the man.

P. 290

- Since the Earth is a village, when will it have its mayor?

P. 290

- Globalisation, mondialisation: how to control them?

P. 290

- Threats on nature, threats on man: how to save them?

P. 298

- How nature and culture are sometimes conflicting.

P. 299

- Why must lovers have the same values, but not necessarily the same tastes?

P. 302

- What is the recipe of the great love?

P. 303

- Why is that tendency of the freed oppressed to become oppressors?

P. 307

- How is it necessary to surpass the struggle for power within the couple.

P. 309

- How dangerous is anger.

P. 314

- How the soul which is overcome by rationality looks for her compliment: a soul overcome by emotion.

P. 316

- Are the existential acquisitions of our life written in the memory of our gametes?

P. 318

- How does the purgation of our passions allow the fighting against our bad desires of the subconscious.

P. 321

- From hatred to excess of love, passing through the break-up of love:
how does the parents' love condition the character and the existence of the child.

P. 324

- How a bad divorce can lead a child towards toxic mania.

P. 325

- How even, with the purgation of the passions, the bad desires of the subconscious are difficult to fight against.

P. 327

- How men have always known how to find recipes not to be slaves of their desires.

P. 328

- How love renders us better and stronger.

P. 330

- How does the transition from selfishness to altruism function?

P. 344

- How is it very difficult to replace the cultural acquisitions of childhood?
Which is the principal cause of scholastic failure?

P. 345

- How it is difficult to correct an apprenticeship which is badly done.

P. 348

- How does the traditional Burkinabe education generate the scholastic success and the technical progress.

P. 349

- How the Africans can jump into our era preserving the best of their cultures?

P. 350

- What is the principal cause of miseries in Africa?

P. 354

- How we cannot stop evolution: we can only try to take control of it.

P. 356

- How each personal ideology tries to inscribe itself in a big ideological family.

P. 357

- How we must give honour to enemy militants who believed to have done well.

P. 357

- How a vice which has been pulled out of the subconscious is never completely uprooted.

P. 360

- Theory of the struggle for existence: of its good personal use.

P. 364

- How the children feel responsible only in front of their parents.

P. 368

- How does other people's look affect my existence?

P. 370

- How the females know how to sense the value of a man without necessarily being able to figure it out.

P. 368

- Who directs the education of the children?

P. 374

- How the rash pass from one extreme to the other.

P. 378

- How is the important to render itself useful.

P. 385

- How selfishness leads us towards death when altruism leads us to life.

P. 386

- Living with no fear of death: trespassing death with no god.

All the approached topics exposed of my book here...

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