My Love of the Year 2000 Georges Réveillac

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Chapter 11

Beyond Death

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(If you find out « Mômmanh », « existence », « need of existence », please go to chapiter 2 to learn more...)

The War of the Leaders never started again. We practiced finally the conjugal democracy. In case of disagreement we together looked for what was the most convenient for our existence. If we do not find any, either we abandon the decision to the one of the two which seemed the most suitable, or well we leave to each the possibility to do as he likes. We share a lot of responsibilities in the function of our competence and of our most ardent tastes : to Jeanne the house and its management, to me the making up of the garden and surroundings, to me the cars, to her the research and the choice of beautiful shows...

How selfishness leads us towards death when altruism leads us to life.

Since here we are freed from our slavery, the demand of being each the leader which pushed us to struggle head against head till death, we can at last nourish and take care of our love. It carries on well. It develops. A loving creation, you know, does not realise itself one against the other but in two.

It is because, the “Myself-I-Here-Now, otherwise called absolute selfishness, cannot serve him as base since it is strictly individual. Besides, it emits a smell of death. Yes, I said that a strong dose of selfishness does not forbid love. It is true, but it is not necessary that a certain threshold is surpassed, beyond which one leaves the house of the lovers.

It was like this that Jeanne and I found ourselves subtly swept away towards what has the greatest value for Mômmanh: altruism.

Love renders us better. We must also, to avoid outdoing each other, construct it a little each day. And Mômmanh, from time to time, rewards us with some notes of her celestial harp.

Living with no fear of death: trespassing death with no god.

Jacques, our third son, has totally adopted his godmother Estelle. But yes ! You know well !

We are free to choose our ancestral cultures : ah well Jacques has chosen his little elderly sister. As the nobles were expected to perpetuate the honour of the ancestors, which encouraged them in spite of everything to be brave and generous, Jacques has committed himself to do his best to put in action the qualities of his sister: noblesse oblige. It is not easy, but he is keen on it.

He designates that by a funny name: his “challenge”.

We have ended by understanding that it is a challenge which he launches : “Did you ever manage to please Estelle. - Ah well ! It is what one is going to see.”

Estelle was nine years old. She was curious of everything. Beauty shown out from her shouts and tears. Jacques will therefore be an artist. Fortunately enough, he is gifted. But his godmother always at nine years of age: will he always be as young as that dead one, all by becoming himself responsible? There still, he answers us that it is included in his “challenge”.

We never pronounce the name of Estelle. However, she is always in our company. At every important decision which we have to take, we have that dialogue.

“- Georges, do you believe that she will agree?

- She was still too young to judge... But, you know, at the bottom of my heart, I believe that she will approve.

- I think so also. All that seemed to serve Mômmanh's plans pleased her.”

Quite often, she keeps the place of our guardian angel.

We appreciate her company, and however it happens that we wish to find ourselves both of us alone. In that case, we go on holiday for some days.

Estelle never needs looking after : we are sure to find her on our way back. So, both of us as long ago in the mountain pastures, we do mad things.

“- Of what sort?

- It is not your business”.

As promised, we made Mômmanh known.

Very progressively, in about twenty years, that theory has seduced a good nucleus of researchers. A lot of scientific discoveries and inventions have come out of it.

Perhaps we have the tendency, both of us, to believe in it more than in reason, to mix up faith and science.

In any case, it seems to us that humanity and our old planet have just taken a new take-off.

But attention!... This time, let us not repeat the dreadful deceptive vision of the “Grand Evening”.

We estimate that we have passed the relay fallen in our hands.

We have the right to some holidays now. It is up to you to play or rather to work. Before rejoining the subject and Mômmanh in her dark dreams, let us go and take some rest among the living.


Swift Exploration, the council has studied the document joined to the report, “My Love”. The humans are on the verge of discovering some milestones which limited their field of existence and they will soon get over them. Afterwards, they are going to travel in interstellar space and discover the other conscious animals which are called “men”.

They have had a rough time to realise that all the men in their planet are equal. It is not necessary to repeat that mistake with the men of the universe.

The moment has come to meet them. We send an ambassador to the seat of the U.N.O... Prepare yourselves to receive it.

While waiting, continue your study of the role of selfishness in the human existence. We do not see if the great place which Mômmanh has left him constitutes an advantage or a handicap.

As for love as it is written in the genetic code of the human females, it seemed to us to contain at times a generator and a stimulator of existence. “Making love” is a magnificent invention of Mômmanh. We look for the genetic writing which develops those aptitudes. But that need which the human males feel to dispose of their semen nearly everyday and to spread it in the body of any female “screwable” of their environment, we are close to considering that as an illness. We shall continue to reflect with the humans themselves...

(The Exploration of the World. - Great Archives of Waluillah.)

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